The Beginning/Intention


Last updated March 13,  2011

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Bryan Klein and Pat Sommerville and the  wood board carving that they created,  2003.

The board was used for fund raising.

After many meetings and much hard work, a survey of desired locations

was submitted to the City of Nelson.

In June, 2003 the Council returned the verdict,

Nelson Rotary Lakeside Park was the chosen location.

Time for the next step.


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JULY 1 2002

The Labyrinth is drawn in chalk for Canada Day and walked

to celebrate the manifestation of the Labyrinth to be built.

Spring 2002

A labyrinth was drawn in the sand for a walk at the edge of the Lake at Rotary Lakeside Park.

It was not known at this time that the park was going to be the final home of the Labyrinth.

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