Laying the Sand, Spring 2004


Laying the Sand, Spring 2004

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For growth, we included sacred corn kernels from Peru; for clearing, wild sage from Yellowstone; for compassion and opening the heart, wild rose petals; for visioning, hawk feathers; for diving deep into the unconscious, a kingfisher feather; for hearing the cosmic music, shrimp antennae from Alaska; and for opening spirituality, a childhood holy card picturing Christ knocking on a door.

We also included drops of Harmonic Convergence Essence from the Slocan Valley, as well as Agua de Florida water from Peru. All the kingdoms of mineral, plant, animal, human, and spirit are represented as a foundation for your labyrinth experience.

Before the bricks were laid, members of our group "seeded" the labyrinth's centre with stones from sacred sites such as Machu Picchu, Ireland, South Africa, Mount Shasta, Utah and Sedona.

Admiring the Newly Laid Bricks, Spring 2004

Blessing the Newly Constructed Lakeside Labyrinth, Spring 2004

Preparing the Site, Spring 2004

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Shane Harris

applying seal coat, 2005