For several years, our labyrinth was just a dream, but now it's very real! Where these children once played on one of our temporary labyrinths, the permanent labyrinth now stands.


This would not have been possible without the generous help of our donors:

We’d like to acknowledge early Labyrinth Builders in the area: 

Sage Barrett, Donna Nett and Imhotep.

Great Gratitude for those  responsible for spear heading

Fund Raising, Vision and Construction .

Dorothy Brown, Nadiene Eaton,

Shane & Joanne Harris, Bryan Klein, Brenda Lucas, 

Maureen Mason, Donna Nett, Lila Pepin, 

Pat Sommerville, Mary Spensley, 

Jennifer and Ron Taylor,

Shirley Throop, and  Connie Walton.

Navarro Family

Nejmah Guermoudi   

Nelson Area Waldorf


Nelson Ready-Mix

Nelson District Credit


Nett Family Trust

Oso Negro

Pamela A Stevenson

Pamela Guille

Pamela Kristen

Patricia Bambrick

Patricia Gibson

Pauline Rutherglen

Penny Pillatt

Peter & Bonnie Williams

Peter Eaton

Pippa Dean-Veermann

Prestige Lakeside Resort

Randall Cannon

Randy Shoak

Richard Wallen

Rick & Lorill Harding

RNABC Nelson Chapter

Robin Cherbo

Ron Taylor

Rosling Real Estate

Royal Bank of Canada

Ruth Beck


Sage Berrett

Saint Saviour's Anglican


Sandra Ramsay

Save-On Foods

Shane Harris

Sharon Cartwright

Sharon Connaughty

Shirley Jemson

Slava Estok

Sonia Freno

Sri Aurobindo

Tammy Adkin

Terence Buie

Teresa Christianson

Trevor Simpson

Unity Centre of the


Ursula Ringwald

Verna Barone

Virginia Lonesky


Will Dafoe

Willie Brink

Wolf Willow



Private Donation received from Jennifer Lount-Taylor and Ron Taylor

Donation of Skills, Committment and Hard Work.

Corporate Donations:

Jennifer Lount-Taylor receives

donation from the Credit Union


Jennifer Lount-Taylor

Jeremy Bateson

Jerry & Linda


Jetty Ter Haar Romeny

Jill Cormie

Joanna Tharalson

Joanne Harris

Joan Posivy & Carl


Dr. John & Nancy


John Alton

John Tucker

Jonas E. Egundsgatan

Jonas Ehrenpreis

Jude & Claire Davison

Judy & Gary Kenny

Kathy Kelly

Karen Hornby

Kathleen Towne

Kelly Toole

Dr. Ken Muth

Kevin McKenzie

Kootenay Bakery

Kootenay Clan Mothers

Kootenay Co-Op Store

Kootenay Internet

     Communications Society

Lakeside Physiotherapy 

      & Sports Injury Clinic

Lilith Swetland

Linda & Robert 


Linda Hunter

Linda McIntyre

Linda Mores

Lisa Hansbury

Lorenda Shandler

Lorill Harding

Lotus Atisha

Dr. Loren Kozak

Maglio Building Centre

Margaret Stegman

Marianneke Heringa

Marlene Charles

Marsha A. Preston

Mary Spensley

Maureen Jansma

Maureen Mason

Max the Jeweller

M.B. Holland

Melody Ogilvy

Mike Rella

Melissa Pfannenstiel &

   Tim Thomas

Mona & Lyle Lippert

Morgan Obendorfer

Murray Mason

Mutual Materials

Nadiene Eaton

Nancy Patterson

Nancy Halliwell

Nancy Klossner

Natalie Weeks

Nate Harris

Anat Grebler

Academy of Classical

   Oriental Science     

Andreas Novella

Anne DeGrace

Argenta , Nelson & area


Bank of Montreal

Barbara Morson

Bob & Cindy Reid

Bonnie Williams

Brenda Lucas

Brenda Woolner

Brent Ogilvy

Bruce MacDonald

Bryan Klein

Carol F. Pederson

Catherine M. Symonds

Catherine Manson

Celesttina Hart

Christina Pepin

CIBC Retired


City of Nelson

Colleen Driscoll

Connie & Moe Walton

Cynthia Sprout

Dancing Bear Inn

Dania KalTara

Dave Brown

Dave & Sheila Martin

David & Jill Polay

Deborah Yanchula

Dennis Zomerschoe

Dianne Dietrick

Don Crispin

Don McKay

Donald Faust

Donna Nett

Dorothy Brown

Doug & Lois Pierik

Edward & Carol Allan

Elizabeth Nett

E. Mason

Faith Gordon

Fay Stoutenburg

Glenda Miller

Glenn & Shirley Throop

Gord McAdams

Hanna Cullen

Herb Walsh

Ian & Jane Gower

Ida Jean Jones

Irene Huntley

J &C Walton

Janice Lohan &

   Reinhard Trouter

Janice McMurray

Jansma Family

Jennifer & Barry Rice

Last updated March 13,  2011

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There have been many who have contributed in many ways.

As you move through the photos throughout this site you’ll

see folks digging, fund raising, and offering of themselves

so that the Labyrinth is now a reality in Nelson.

We Give Thanks.